July 4th, 2016

Another busy fun filled 4th is in the books!  Our small town has a huge celebration every 4th of July and this year was no different.  It started out on the 2nd – free bouncy houses for the kids to enjoy at the Expo grounds and then a concert later that evening – local talent to start out and then a band.  In between there we took the kids uptown to see the fountain.  We have this beautiful landmark that the town has been working hard on restoring.  I’ll do a post later on this beautiful fountain and get some pictures of it lit up at night.

Looking for fishies!
This beautiful fountain is a beloved landmark for our small town.
Love these two littles!

I don’t usually want to go to the concert and this year was no different but Joe talked me into it and I am so glad he did.  The best part of course was playing with Drew and grandson Braxton.  And I always enjoy listening to a good friend’s son sing and play his guitar. He sings country and is sooooo good!  Then we discovered we knew the keyboard player and his brother, who was the drummer in the main band!  Old friends we had lost touch with. The band was excellent – eighties rock – I enjoyed the evening out!

Zach singing and playing for our entertainment!

July 3rd brought cool weather and festivities on the town square – bouncy houses, kids water fights, kiddie tractor pull, free entertainment on the bandstand, pie contest to name a few.  And of the course the DJ and dance.  We sold shave ice in the afternoon and evening like we have done for the past few years.

You can see Drew eating an ice already in the left hand corner!

We got home around 10:30 and had to mix up some more product so it was a late night but that’s a good thing.  Up and early on the next day for the annual parade.  Then lunch at the Kiwanis tent – hot dogs, chips, watermelon and cookie.  Yum!  And off to the park – volleyball tournaments, basketball tournaments, horse shoes, Cutie Kiddie Contest and the biggest draw of the whole celebration – the greased pig contest!  We always sell ice here too – the kids love a yummy cold shave ice after chasing those pigs!

Patiently waiting for the parade to start!
The end of the parade – and always my favorite – the horses!
Mom, my sister Beth and me ready to sell ice! Eric and Dad in the background supervising!
Checking out the pigs!

Drew didn’t catch the pig – but I guess he tried hard.  I couldn’t see the action – we were busy selling and there were too many people watching to see around them.  He said it was lots of fun!

After a busy day we went to Dad and Mom’s for supper and to relax then back into town for the fireworks.  Sigourney puts on such an awesome fireworks display for a small town.  It’s all done through donations and the firemen set them off.  Joe, Drew and I parked along the side of the rode, set the chairs up in the back of the truck, munched on the candy Drew got at the parade and enjoyed the show!  Another fun filled, small town 4th of July celebration has come and gone!


Paddle Boating

keomah We took Drew to Lake Keomah to go paddle boating yesterday afternoon.  It was a beautiful cool July 1st.  A perfect day to be outside.  I plan to enjoy these nice cool days while we get them!  Lake Keomah is just a few miles from our house.  We used to camp there a lot but haven’t been there for years.  We had heard they were doing some work to the park – the beach was open and they rent boats and have concession stand.  It’s a small lake but very nice.  We might have to try camping there again.

A nice peaceful spot to sit and watch Joe and Drew look for shells.
Drew enjoyed finding shells along the bank more so than the paddle boat ride – he has very little patience so sitting in a slow moving boat was not his thing!

I took some pictures with my phone while we were on the boat but I can’t get them to transfer over right now.  The lake was so nice and peaceful.  There was hardly anybody around on a Friday afternoon.  It was almost like have the lake to ourselves!  Spontaneous little day trips are lots of fun!


We have had beautiful temperatures the past couple of days.  A welcome relief after the hot muggy days we had been experiencing.  I take any chance I get to shut the air off and open up the windows to let the fresh air in.  Pierre has his favorite window but I hadn’t gotten it open yet so he decided to take advantage of the kitchen window being open!

Such a pretty kitty!

We were really needing rain and yesterday we finally got some – we had a nice gentle rain yesterday morning and then we had a lot of wind and hard rain yesterday evening.  After the evening rain we drove to town for ice cream and a trip out to Lake Belva Deer.  The campground was nearly full – a nice long 4th of July weekend for everyone to enjoy.  We haven’t camped over the 4th for years – the campgrounds are just too full for us.  We prefer a little less people and a lot more quiet!  Maybe next weekend we can go – love camping the weekend following a holiday!