Saturday Morning Adventure


Drew loves to go on what he calls “adventures”.  Last Saturday he wanted to take his dad and I down to the creek where he goes to play when he’s at Grandpa and Grandma Ward’s house.  I used to go down to the creek when I was a little girl – I could sit for hours and watch the water flow by.

See the Canadian Geese watching us?


The neighboring cows kept an eye on us too!


I loved watching Drew and his dad playing in the water.

Every little boy should have a creek to play in!

Happy little boy!


And here at Drew’s feet we have a raccoon skeleton. Drew is fascinated with any bones that he finds!


Thank you Drew for the adventure!

I love these kinds of adventures – they don’t cost a thing yet are so much fun.  Any time spent outdoors is time well spent and spending time with Joe,Dad, Mom and any of the kids is priceless!

I Should Have Known

My five-year-old is a very strong willed child.  He has been a challenge from the day he was born.  Any discipline that worked with his older siblings is not going to work with him.  So – no times outs, no taking away toys, no yelling, no sending him to his room.  What worked before, does not work now.  So, I should have known not to get the fingernail polish out.  I haven’t used polish for a couple of years knowing that usually out of sight is out of mind.  Drew loves polish and he wants to put it on himself.  He isn’t happy with an adult putting it on for him.  So I would rather not use it than have to fight Drew over it.  But . . . the weather was nice, out came the sandals, and toes look so much better when polished.  That was last Sunday.  I made two mistakes – I used the polish in front of him and I didn’t have enough time to polish his toes too. Again, I should have known.  So then the polish was put away and forgotten about.  Or so I thought.  On Wednesday, Drew decided to polish his toes.  And his carpet.  And I thought he was playing with his dinosaurs!  So . . . how do you get half a bottle of polish out of carpet?  With the help of Pinterest I now know that baby wipes, rubbing alcohol and lots of elbow grease does a fairly good job!  I should have taken before and after pictures but at the time I was simply working on staying calm and getting the mess cleaned up – not on taking pictures!  So, Drew and I have pretty polished toenails.  Drew’s carpet is saved.  And I will wait another year to get the polish out hoping that in another year he won’t want to use nail polish like mommy anymore.  I’m learning to pick my battles and unpolished toes are a small price to pay to keep the peace.

Yesterday morning was spent in the timber with my parents and Drew.


I know spring is here when the bluebells bloom and this year they are absolutely gorgeous.



The timber was a blanket of blue – pictures don’t come close to the how pretty this scene is – a sea of blue blanketed the whole timber!  When I was young I would wander down to the timber every spring and pick a bouquet of bluebells.  They are such a delicate and enchanting spring flower!


Five Again!

Drew got to celebrate his birthday twice this year – a very rare occurrence! On Sunday we took him to Chuck E. Cheese in Des Moines.  Lots of family came along too to help celebrate.  Turning five is a big deal!!!!

Drew and Grandpa Meiners
Playing air hockey with big sister Abby and nephew Braxton - fun!
Playing air hockey with big sister Abby and nephew Braxton – fun!
90 year old Grandpa Meiners playing skee ball - he beat everybody!
90 year old Grandpa Meiners playing skee ball – he beat everybody!

Lots of fun for the little ones and the oldest one!  It was such fun to see Albert enjoying himself.

I’ve been stitching away in the evenings when I can.  I just love this little bunny and those strawberries – so sweet.  And a fun quick stitch.  Will have to stitch it into a pinkeep soon so I can enjoy it this spring!

Strawberries Bunny Pinkeep by primitivebettys
Strawberries Bunny Pinkeep
by primitivebettys

And this is what I’m working on now – this will take a little longer to finish.  I don’t always enjoy stitching lots of one color.  I guess I like to see  that I’m making progress when I stitch.  But, I’m making myself slow down and just enjoy the process of stitching with this one.  It’s fun to slowly see this dress take shape.  This stitch reminds me of days gone by, when life moved a lot slower and things seemed to be simpler.  It’s nice to slow down once in awhile in this fast paced world.

Winter Beekeeper Thread Board Stacy Nash Primitives
Winter Beekeeper Thread Board
Stacy Nash Primitives

Well, it’s time to start the day – laundry to hang out, rooms to clean, supper to plan.  I’m going to try out a new recipe – Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs.  Hope it turns out.  I’m working on getting a list of tried and true recipes everyone likes put in a notebook that I can use to menu plan.  My goal is to be able to plan a weekly menu using these recipes – so I can shop once a week and not make so many trips to the store after work.  Hoping to save myself some time and money.  Wish me luck!



IMG_0827My baby is five – and he is loving it!  He was so excited to spend his birthday evening at Grandpa and Grandma’s for a weiner roast this year.  The weather cooperated for once and we had a great time.  First we walked down to the timber to see if the bluebells were blooming.  I always know spring is here when the bluebell have turned the timber into a beautiful sea of blue!  Then hotdogs over the fire.  The only way I will eat a hotdog – there is just something about cooking on an open fire and being outside that can make almost anything taste good!  Of course lots of ketchup and mustard helps too!

Eric, Joe and Dad relaxing and conversing around the fire.
Eric, Joe and Dad relaxing and conversing around the fire.

And then present time – and Drew’s favorite present – a vacuum cleaner!  He has always been obsessed with vacuum cleaners.  He can spot a vacuum cleaner anywhere – and he loves that he now has his own.  I think he has the cleanest bedroom carpet of anyone, anywhere, right now!


Funny what little ones take an interest in.  His other love is dinosaurs! It was a nice, relaxing evening.  Today we are going to Des Moines to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate on a little bigger scale – with lots more family to help celebrate being five!

The first fire of the season – puts me in the mood for camping!
Drew and his buddy Stubby!
Drew and his buddy Stubby!

It’s Coffee Time!


Pierre Piddlepants enjoying the fresh air!
Pierre Piddlepants enjoying the fresh air!

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.  I just wish I liked the taste!  I have tried throughout the years but to no avail.  I can drink it with creamer – lots and lots of creamer – but then I can’t really call it coffee!  So – no coffee drinking for me.  But, I do have a fun use for coffee.  It works great to prim up a cross stitch piece, or a homemade primitive doll, or a tea towel that is just too white.  When it comes to my cross stitch, for some reason a piece just doesn’t look finished to me until I’ve darkened it up with coffee.  And maybe some vanilla and cinnamon thrown in the mix!

Here is one of my most recent projects – before the coffee bath.  (I have really enjoyed this series by Tammy Black.  Sheep and the alphabet – two of my favorite things to stitch!)


In the middle of getting stained.  Sorry – my photography skills are definitely lacking.


And the final product – so much better with a little bit of stain.

Pure in Heart Scattered Seed Samplers - Tammy Black Sheepish Needle Samplar Series
Pure in Heart
Scattered Seed Samplers – Tammy Black
Sheepish Needle Samplar Series

It is a beautiful spring day here in southeast Iowa.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there is no wind!  It is so nice having the windows open today.  Getting fresh air into the house.  Definitely a day to just enjoy!

Today is my little one’s birthday.  He is five – and loving it!  He’s such a sweet boy but can be such a handful.  He is all boy – that is for sure.  I thought after having raised two boys that one more would be a breeze.  He has proved me wrong from the get go!  He didn’t have preschool today and it’s my day off so we get to spend the day together – nothing special, just hanging around the house.  Tonight we will go to my Dad and Mom’s house for cupcakes and ice cream.  This weekend we will get together with his siblings, brother-in-law and his nephew!  I cherish the times when the kids are together.  It’s not always easy to get them all together when they are spread so apart in age.

Well – off to hang some clothes on the line.  I love seeing clothes hanging out.  I love not having to run the dryer but more importantly just the act of hanging out the clothes is so calming for me.  A time to slow down and enjoy being outdoors.  It reminds me of a simpler time!


Welcome to my blog!  Please be patient – this is all new to me!  I have no idea what I am doing.  I am not computer literate in any sense of the word – but I’m willing to learn!  At one time I was an avid scrapbook keeper.  My daughter (and oldest child) was always willing to pose for a picture and I loved keeping scrapbooks of her school years.  My sons, the two oldest anyway, were not so eager to indulge me!  So the scrapbooking took a backstage to my first and foremost love – cross stitch.  But I still feel a need now and then to document the important (and sometimes not so important) goings on in our lives.  My two oldest children have flown the nest.  I have two at home – a 17-year old son and a soon to be five year old son (a very blessed surprise)! I also have a beautiful two year old grandson courtesy of my daughter and son-in-law.  They all, along with my wonderful husband, keep my life busy and fulfilled and there is always something going on around here!