This hangs in my camper and it embodies everything I love about camping – being outside, relaxing, and just experiencing joy. Hurrah!
I love all my windows!

The camper is ready to go! Hurrah! Some pictures of our home away from home. I love our camper. This is the fourth camper we’ve had over the past 26 years and if I have anything to say about it, it will be our last at least for a long long time! There’s very little I would change about this one. What do I not like about it? The carpet. Maybe someday we will be able to change it out but for now we just have a nice big area rug we throw down. Carpet, camping and kids really don’t mix if you can imagine! And the shower. It takes me at least a half a camping season before I finally remember how to position myself so I’m comfortable. Not something that can be changed but maybe I can work on figuring it out sooner??!! And that’s it. Except for the fabric, curtains, etc. I have yet to find an interior that I do like that isn’t a vintage camper but that’s just me. Joe on the other hand loves it and he won’t let me change any of it. Maybe someday I’ll just start in on changing things but I have to agree with him. It’s not like we live in it and it is just a camper so no sense in spending money on changing those things out. I just close my eyes and don’t look!

When you walk in the door and look to the right you see the kitchen at the front of the camper.

Love having a table and chairs!
Standing in the kitchen looking towards the living area.

We have a walk through bathroom and I love it. Lots of room and lots of storage.

Two linen closets – couldn’t ask for more!
And into the bedroom. Again, lots of storage and lots of room.
A second door – we hardly ever use it but its there if we need it.

Drew always leaves at least one stuffed animal or dinosaur on the bed.

One big slide in the main area, one slide in the bedroom. Lots and lots of lots of storage. We definitely needed all this when we had three or four kids at home but now that we’ll be down to one, we probably don’t. But I just love the camper so much, it’s roomy and comfortable and I have a place for everything. Of course it doesn’t look like this when we’re using it. It gets cluttered and full and looks lived in. That’s when I love it best!Now if we can just find a free weekend to go. We have a weekend scheduled the beginning of August and a weekend scheduled for Labor Day but that’s too far away!

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