A Sunday Visit

We went for an afternoon visit today to see Uncle Jerry and Aunt Konnie. I was thankful I wasn’t driving – I don’t do well in these conditions! It snowed all the way to their place and it was so pretty. I just love the snow! Here’s the highway leading to Rubio, the little tiny almost non-existent town they live just outside of.

And I love gravel roads covered in snow (although this isn’t a whole lot of snow). That bend in the road – it takes you to one of the prettiest places in Iowa! I shared pictures of Uncle Jerry and Aunt Konnie’s place last summer and it’s just as pretty in the winter. The only difference is it was so cold out and I didn’t wear my boots so I only took a few pictures from the truck as we were moving so I didn’t get the best pictures.

Off to the right, a few of Uncle Jerry’s horses with their backs to the wind. Uncle Jerry has always had horses and at one time he raised mules. On past these horses there were goats and llamas. I didn’t get any pictures – next time maybe. Uncle Jerry said he had just bought some new goats yesterday and they were due to give birth at any time. If it had been a warmer day and I had been dressed more appropriately I would have gone out with him to check on the mamas. Baby goats – how sweet. When I was growing up we would have been getting ready for lambing season. I loved the baby lambs!

And to the left I the old farmhouse and barn. Up the road and around the bend and you’re there. The house on the left and the most beautiful view to the right.  A big old farmhouse and room to roam. Lots of memories here and they’re all good. My older kids always enjoyed visiting and now Drew does too. It’s almost like time slows down when I’m visiting Uncle Jerry and Aunt Konnie.


Winter Is Back

After being in a record breaking deep freeze for a couple of weeks after Christmas we had almost Spring like weather earlier this week. The temps were in the 40’s yesterday. That feels downright balmy after below zero temperatures! And then today came and winter came right along with it! Freezing rain and snow, a huge drop in temperature and high winds. It’s supposed to get as low as 6 tonight with a high of 16 tomorrow. Winter is definitely back and it looks to be staying put for awhile. And I sure wouldn’t mind it near as much if I hadn’t had to work at the school today and again tomorrow. At least I don’t have recess duty! Although with weather like this recess is inside.  Usually I hibernate during times like this. I light candles, do some baking and cook soups and casseroles, dig out my warmest sweatshirts and pile on the quilts. I love it! And there’s no better sleep than sleeping in the winter in a cold room with warm comfy jammies on, fleece sheets on the bed and lots of quilts piled on top. It’s wonderful!

Another plan for this year is to find more “projects” to do with Drew. He calls them projects and has so much fun doing them. This was a fun one and so in expensive. We dug out some jars and made a wheat paste out of flour and water. Then we brushed the paste onto the jars to look like icicles, sprinkled salt on the paste and let it dry. Poured some salt in the jars and added tea lights. Pretty wintery candle holders. Drew loved being able to tell Daddy he made the centerpiece on the table. We also brushed some of the paste onto pinecones from our yard and dipped them in salt. A fun, easy craft and the best part is the paste will wash right off with soap and water so we can reuse the jars for future projects! I got the instructions from sewhistorically.com.